Keep Moving. Don't Stop. You will get there.

It's a common message, but now you can wear it and tell your own story about how you keep moving.

Keep Moving. Keep Groving. Keep Grinding. Keep Pushing. Whatever you want to call it, keep doing it, keep trying. If you're just starting, dig in for the stretch. If you're halfway there, give the last half your best. If you're almost there, get ready for the test. Getting all the way requires nothing less than to keep moving, don't stop, till the goal is accomplished and the reward layed your chest.

What is the Keep Moving Message?

Sometimes when you exit a highway a road sign has been posted with the message "Keep Moving". It means, "Do not stop because the path has already been cleared for you to proceed. Sometimes it's easy to miss this sign - and miss the opportunity to keep moving - because this scenario is the exception, not the rule.

This personalized Keep Moving Message was created for you to have a self-reminder to keep moving. As you face situations that may cause you to want to stop your progress, remember to keep moving. Tell others about how you keep moving to get past challenges and inspire them to keep moving as well.