About Keep Moving Message

I've found that one of the most important things in reaching a destination is to "simply" not stop. Sometimes it may take months or years with delays and challenges, but when you are determined to keep moving, eventually you get to the destination. Resisting the temptation to stop is so very critical. The message to "Don't give up, don't stop" is certainly not new, but this apparel puts the positive reframe not just in front of you, but on you, so you can wrap yourself in this mindset. 

We call it the "Keep Moving Message" because for every triumphant success story, there is a person's personal experience and message of perseverance associated with it. It's not necessarily the message to just keep moving physically, but to keep moving mentally and emotionally. If you can keep your thoughts moving towards your goal, the chances increase for everything else (that you can control) to align and keep you moving towards it and eventually get there.

Wear this apparel to inspire yourself and others who may be interested in your personal story. Be prepared for people to ask you, "What does KM1 mean?". Don't just tell them what KM1 means according to this website. Tell them what it means to you in your life and how you are propelling/have propelled over things to get where you're going.

The first message released is KM1 - Propel Over It. Stay tuned for KM2 and more.

Currently, all of the Keep Moving apparel are printed using Direct to Garment printing from the Printful print-on-demand service. This allows us to quickly design and deliver more variations of designs as we keep moving forward to bring you wearable inspiration to help you reach your goals.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us and I hope you'll share your Keep Moving apparel stories with us on social media. 


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Training Evangelist
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